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Dec 12 2014

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Admiralty & Maritime Law

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Looking to research admiralty and maritime law?  The Fineman and Pappas Law Libraries have some resources to help you get started.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are a good place to look if you want a broad overview of the law or references to laws and cases.  Here are a few books that you may want to check out:

 Searching on WestlawNext and Lexis Advance

WestlawNext and Lexis Advance include links to admiralty and maritime cases, statutes, court rules, regulations, administrative decisions, briefs, books and forms.  To access this collection on WestlawNext, you can search by headnote or browse the practice area of Admiralty & Maritime Law.  In order browse Lexis Advance’s collection, look under the topic of Admiralty & Maritime Law.

American Maritime Cases (AMC)

American Maritime Cases is a reporter devoted to maritime cases, which includes its own headnotes and digesting system.  This source is available online from Lexis Advance and WestlawNext, or as a separate database through the Libraries’ catalog.  It is also available in print in the Annex at call number KF1100 .A2 A4.

American Maritime Cases

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Nov 22 2014

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Massachusetts CLE Materials

Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education materials consist of very practical “how-to” guides for navigating legal issues in Massachusetts. They are drafted by lawyers practicing in the field and considered very valuable.  Find MCLE materials on Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and LoisLaw.

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Nov 21 2014

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Terms and Connectors

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Struggling with a search on Lexis Advance or WestlawNext?  Consider using connectors to help define your query.  This will allow you to narrow your search, find variations of words, or search for a specific phrase.


Lexis Advance

  • Lexis Advance has summarized their search connectors and commands on its website
  • It has also created a tutorial video that includes general search tips



  • WestlawNext has created a guide to using terms and connectors
  • It also offers training on how to use terms and connectors and key cites to enhance your search


Curious about the differences between terms and connectors on Lexis Advance and WestlawNext?  Check out this helpful chart from Lexis.


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Oct 07 2014

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Bloomberg, Lexis, and Westlaw Training begins the week of October 13th. Reserve your space TODAY.

Fall training by our vendor representatives begins the week of October 13th. These trainings are strongly recommended for ALL 1L and AmLaw LLM students to pick up where your Library Research classes left off.

Our vendor reps will introduce some of the “bells and whistles” unique to their individual platforms and will assist you in developing that most essential of your lawyering skills: research proficiency.

The reps publicize their training dates on their respective sties and all upcoming training can be found and registered for at the following links:


Bloomberg Law:

Lexis Advance:



(Remember, many employers expect that you will have completed the vendors’ research certification trainings BEFORE day one on the job.)

UPDATE: Bloomberg Law Training will be held on these two dates:

Oct 16 1-145 pm – Room 414

Oct 28 1-145 pm   – Room 414

You may email our Bloomberg Rep., Eric Malinowski, at to register.



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Oct 04 2014

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Bestlaw – a companion to Westlaw

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Joe, a law student a Berkeley (who happens to be a programmer), decided there were things he wanted Westlaw to do better.  So he designed a Chrome extension he calls Bestlaw.  It allows you to do some of the things Westlaw already does – like copy with citation and highlight terms, much more easily.  And it allows you to do other things that Westlaw does not do, like toggle to a readable version of the text and unhighlight search terms.


9-26-2014 2-57-02 PM

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Apr 28 2014

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Westlaw Classic to sunset June 30th.

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Access for all academic users to Westlaw Classic will end June 30th in anticipation of its eventual complete shuttering sometime in the not-too-distant future. Westlaw Next access will continue just as you know it today. No action is required for BUSL users, however, we did not want anyone to get caught unawares!


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Apr 18 2014

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Summer access to Library materials and databases

As a continuing student your access to the Law Library’s materials will continue as it does today. Summer access to WestlawNext—-note that Westlaw Classic access for academic accounts ends June 30th— is available subject to the  restrictions highlighted HERE.   Summer access to both Lexis Advance and Bloomberg Law will continue as you use it today.

Graduating students take note:

  • Lexis Advance offers ongoing unlimited access to  until August 31st. You may additionally extend your access through their Graduate ID program by signing up HERE. This program will allow you unlimited use through December 31, 2014.
  • Westlaw Next will allow graduating students 60 hours of use per month beginning in June through November 2014 IF you sign-up for their password extension program HERE. If you do not extend your password, your access will end May31, 2014.
  • Bloomberg Law allows for ongoing unlimited access through December 31, 2014 for graduates. No action is required on your part.

For full details, visit the Library’s access for graduates page or contact a Reference Librarian.

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Mar 16 2014

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Cost-effective legal research joint training coming up! Register now to hold your place.


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Feb 07 2014

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Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westlaw Training coming soon!

With the Spring semester well and truly in full -swing, it is time to get your research skills in top gear and get certified.  (Employers want to know that you have these skills from day one.)

In addition to the Library’s Research Skills for Practice Certification program already underway—click here for full details and to enroll— our three full-service subscription vendors, Bloomberg BNA, Lexis Nexis and Westlaw all  provide certification on their platforms and additional training for all skill levels.

Don’t delay! Get started now.

Visit your BUSL  lawschool pages at:


Lexis Nexis:


Look for the training links to register.



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Apr 28 2013

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Important information about Summer access to research databases and materials.

Guess what? Summer is literally just weeks away!  

Shortly your final exams and papers will be a distant memory as you begin your summer jobs and clerkships. Starting in May, however, several of our subscription-based  legal research resources restrict student access over the summer, to help avoid the use of nonprofit educational passwords at paid summer employment. However, each service treats summer access a bit differently, and there may be further variations for continuing vs. graduating students. Here’s your guide to summer database access:

  • Bloomberg Law accounts are valid between school terms and for 6 months after you graduate. Your BUSL Bloomberg account may be used for both academic and employment-related purposes, including full access to federal court filings . If you do not already have a Bloomberg Law account, you may Request A Law School Account with your BU email address.
  • LexisNexis this year will provide unlimited access this summer to Lexis Advance, its next-generation research interface.In June, Lexis will be moving entirely to Lexis Advance.   That means that all current law school  home page ( ID’s will no longer work.  If you currently have a working Lexis Advance ID and password ( then you are all set and need to nothing.  If you use your old ID only, you need to ensure that you are registered with your Advance ID.  Please contact,, to obtain that ID.  You will be able to access, and the law school home page with your Advance ID only.   The interface will be available for academic (non-commercial) use only until July. 2013 graduates will have full access to Lexis Advance through July 31; continuing students will have unlimited access until August 31.
  • Westlaw offers extensions of your Law School password for academic work, including: summer classes, journal work, projects for faculty, moot court, unpaid/non-profit public interest internships or externships, or a pro bono project that is required for graduation. Commercial use of your Law School password (such as at a law firm summer job) is strictly prohibited. May graduates can also extend their Westlaw passwords to obtain 10 free hours of research time for bar exam study. If you qualify for a summer extension of your Westlaw password, log in to the extension page and follow the instructions.
  • Other Law Library Databases: Access to Boston University databases for continuing students is available over the summer with your BU username and password. Recent graduates will find that their off-campus, password-based access to other subscription databases (such as HeinOnline and LegalTrac) expires very quickly after graduation. Alumni may access many University and Law School subscription databases on-site via the reading room computer terminals.
  • Click HERE for more information.

For more information about access to library resources for the graduating class of 2013, bookmark our guide to Law Alumni Services.

Summer hours for the Pappas Law Library following graduation begin May 20th and will be from 9-5 Monday through Friday.

Wishing you a restful and productive Summer!

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