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May 15 2015

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Congratulations Class of 2015

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Congratulations.  We are excited to see you get out there and start lawyering.  The library is always here should you be in Boston, and alumni are welcome to come in to use all the materials and most of the databases.  Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law are databases that you can’t get through the library, but you will have access to them until December (with the exception of Westlaw).  BU does have campus-wide access to Lexis Academic which includes a lot of the legal content found on Lexis Advance.  You just need to get an alumni card to use the materials.  Bar study space is available in Redstone and Mugar has reserved Room 424  for law students only.  Pappas is also available most of the summer, but there may be some noise.  So good luck on the bar and stop in to say good-bye before you go.

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May 03 2015

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Summer Student Newsletter is here!

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As we say farewell to our graduating 3L’s and LLM students we would like to take this opportunity to provide some crucial information about ongoing access to databases and library materials.(Spoiler alert: You MAY have to take some action to maintain access if you are graduating and your Summer access MAY likewise be limited for Westlaw depending on the type of work you are undertaking this Summer.) Click on the Newsletter below to get all the details and see past issues as well.


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Apr 29 2015

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As you may know, is the official website for official U.S. legislative information and documents such as bills, committee hearing transcripts and committee reports. It took over that roll from THOMAS, the original Congressional website, in 2012.

For most of the period since the transition, however, THOMAS continued to be the better source for information about treaties: Senate consideration and action on treaties submitted by the President. For example, see the information provided by THOMAS on the Senate’s consideration of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities below.




This Spring, began providing detailed information about treaties back to 1975. See the display of information on the disabilities convention in below.




Unlike the display in THOMAS, provides links to several relevant documents, including the Treaty document itself, 112-7, and the accompanying Senate reports, in HTML text or PDF.

Using can be an adjustment. Fortunately, the site provide extensive Help screens, including Search tips.


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Apr 28 2015

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Summer Access to Lexis Advance, WestlawNext and Bloomberg Law

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For Continuing Students you have summer access to Lexis Advance and Bloomberg Law with no interruption.  You may use these two services for any purpose you want regardless of where you are working.  WestlawNext allows you 40 hours/month for June and July.  However, if you are working at a law firm you may not use these 40 hours there.  Once you hit that limit you must register for more, but only for an approved educational purpose which includes journal work, research assistant work and other law school related purposes.

For Graduating Students you will have unlimited access to Bloomberg Law for six months after graduation.  If you don’t have a password you can register for one here. You can register to extend your Lexis Advance password with their Law School Graduation Program which provides free access through the end of December 2015.    If you are doing public interest work you can apply for access beyond December 2015 through the ASPIRE program.  WestlawNext allows you to extend you password for bar preparation which gives you 60 hours/month through the end of November.

If you have any questions please contact our representatives: Lexis Advance Reeves Gillis, Bloomberg Law Eric Malinowski and WestlawNext representative Mark Frongillo.

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Apr 20 2015

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Resources for Exam Preparation

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As we get farther into April, and the beginning of law school exams approaches, attention turns to exam preparation.

Our exam preparation guide provides links to a wide range of resources, included online access to law school exams given in previous semesters. (Note, post-2004 exams are available exclusively online; earlier exams are shelved in bound volumes, in Pappas and Annex Reference at KF 292 B5 A23.) Also provided: a range of study aids, books on how to take exams, CALI lessons and miscellaneous advice and tips.

Black Letter Evidence         Writing Essay Exams     Con Law flashcards

CALI tips   Lexis_QandA_Family Law

The above list does not exhaust what is available. This directory provides a more comprehensive list of study aids. The “Exams” topic collects posts from this blog on the topic, including, e.g., Jenna’s post on flashcards. See also the suggestions on taking exams in the LLM Survival Guide and 1L Survival Guide.

For other suggestions, or questions about accessing any of these materials, please speak with a reference librarian.

We have also noted tips on the importance of practicing good self-care and stress management during exam season, and suggested campus resources that are provided for students by the Student Health Services office.



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Apr 16 2015

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Update on same-sex marriage cases

An earlier post in this blog reported on the status of the same-sex marriage cases that are pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

At that time (March 18), as noted on SCOTUSblog’s merits cases section, most of the amicus curiae briefs that had been filed at that time supported the rights of those seeking to establish a Constitutional right to marry. In recent weeks, the filing of briefs has continued, and the Court has received numerous briefs that support the state laws that prohibit same-sex marriages; these include those of the Republican Platform Committee, the Concerned Women for America and the Conference of Catholic Bishops.



SCOTUSblog continues to be a major source of legal analysis on the case and the arguments of the parties. Lyle Denniston has posted the first three of four preview articles summarizing (1) the perspective of the same-sex couples who have challenged laws prohibiting recognition of their marriages; (2) the position of the state governments defending their laws, and (3) the amicus briefs supporting the couples. A fourth post, summarizing the amicus briefs supporting the state governments, is forthcoming.

As the date of oral argument (April 28) approaches, news and commentary on the cases is increasing, including articles anticipating an expected ruling in support of the couples and the relationship of the marriage cases to the “religious freedom” laws proposed or adopted in some stated. See, e.g., these articles in NPR, Slate and The Huffington Post.

Stay tuned.

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Apr 13 2015

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Executive Action and Immigration – Did Obama exceed his authority?

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The Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was begun under the Department of Homeland Securities authority to exercise prosecutorial discretion.  Now a federal judge in Texas has questioned this authority, and it is moving up to the 5th circuit.  Researching this question is not completely straightforward.  You can find most of the materials you need on AILALink.  The American Immigration Lawyers Association is one of the best publishers in the area of immigration law producing such standard works as Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook.

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Apr 06 2015

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Bird Flu in Minnesota – What does that mean for International Trade?

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Have you been following the bird flu outbreak in Minnesota?  You wouldn’t think that has anything to do with Saudi Arabia, but you would be wrong.  Trade agreements, whether multilateral, regional or bilateral, govern even events that seem purely domestic.  Saudi Arabia is suspending imports of U.S. turkeys.  If you wanted to know whether the United States has trade agreements with Saudi Arabia, the World Bank has a great free database the Global Preferential Trade Agreements Database.  It you wanted to know the latest trade related news you could search BNA’s WTO Reporter or International Trade Reporter. If the question has a WTO dimension is the best place for pithy summaries of Appellate Body Reports.  Does this suspension of trade implicate the SPS?  What is the SPS?  What decisions from the WTO have interpreted the SPS?  Trade raises many interesting issues, and for a more in depth look at resources related to international trade check out our International Trade Law research guide.


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Apr 03 2015

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Art and Museum Law

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In March, Representative Engel introduced H.R. 1493, which aims to “protect and preserve international cultural property at risk due to political instability, armed conflict, or natural or other disasters, and for other purposes.”  More information on this bill is available on  To find it, either type the title of the bill or its number into the main search box.


If you are looking to find out more about art and museum law in general, the Fineman and Pappas Law Libraries have a variety of books on the topic, including:

If you are seeking to compare the United States’ laws with those of other countries, you may also want to check out the UNESCO Database of National Cultural Heritage Laws.  This database allows you to search for documents from member states by title, key words, country, theme, language or year.  Additional sources may also be found on the Libraries’ research guide on Art, Entertainment, and Sports Law .  Finally, for background information on artists, paintings, and artistic movements, you may also want to try using JSTOR, a database of humanities articles that is available through our eResources A-Z list.

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Apr 02 2015

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Ethical considerations and Technology. Users Beware!

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Technology permeates our personal and professional lives. Are you familiar with the ethical considerations required of lawyers using technology in the workplace and when interacting with their clients? Every state bar has ethics rules and opinions that address these issues, some of which are modeled after the ABA’s Model Rules discussed in this Law 360 article:

Ethics In The Tech Age: What Every Lawyer Should Consider

Check out the Mass State Bar Rules HERE.

And for more helpful information on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, check out our Research Guide HERE.


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