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Aug 27 2014

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More on Updating Tools

Following up last week’s post on current awareness tools to track specific legal issues, there are many more sources that you can use to discover or monitor a topic, or search for recent developments.

In addition to dozens of topical updating titles provided by Bloomberg/BNA, other premium tools include:

  • Law 360, with a focus on business law topics
  • IntelliConnect (CCH database includes Tracker newsletters, which can be customized for individual interests, for email delivery)
  • Knowledge Mosaic (check out Weekly Regulatory Report and other news titles within KM’s focus areas)
  • Setting up alerts for periodic searches to retrieve new results on Lexis Advance or Westlaw Next
  • Justia newsletters: free opinion summaries on daily or weekly basis, by topic or court
  • For SCOTUS news, sign up for The Supreme Court Bulletin, a free product of Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute (LII)

For more ideas about useful current awareness resources, see our guide to Finding News & Keeping Current as a Lawyer.


When in doubt …


(Image provided by LII.)


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Aug 22 2014

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Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations

Researching executive actions, orders or proclamations used to be a painstaking and at time tedious task…

Thankfully those times have come and gone with the availability of Proquest Congressional’s library entitled: “Proquest Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations 1789-2014.”  This comprehensive collection includes all numbered and unnumbered orders.  (Sidebar–>Did you know that the first numbered order began with Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation?)

This exhaustive collection also includes those orders issued in the President’s name by Secretaries of Federal departments, those issued at the request of the Presidents without specific statutory authority and directives, decisions and determinations other than those officially numbered.

Proquest Congressional’s Executive Branch Documents is also a treasure-trove and worth investigating when researching in this area. Find these resources on the A-Z list .



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Aug 12 2014

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Get ready for fall recruiting with Mivoko

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Is your name consistently mispronounced? Are you minorly dreading correcting multiple professors, classmates, and recruiters in the next eight weeks? Have you tried Mivoko? Mivoko is a new tool that allows you to record your name, properly pronounced. Then add the link they provide to your email signature, social media profiles, including LinkedIn, or a resume, business card, or cover letter.

Our very own Steven Alexandre da Costa was kind enough to try it out. Listen to him pronounce his name at He said it was pretty easy, but cautions users that it does require making a phone call to Canada or the UK for the actual recording.

Now that you can pronounce his last name, don’t forget to stop by the Ref desk to say hi to him!

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Aug 08 2014

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Lexis Advance is getting a new look for the new year.

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Lexis Nexis has announced that sometime in the very near future Lexis Advance will have a completely NEW look and some enhanced features as well.

Among the new features and enhancements are the following:

increased speed,

a cleaner and simplified look,

fewer clicks and more intuitive navigation and

the removal of tabs.

For a preview of the new look, go to the following link:

New Lexis Advance Look!

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Aug 06 2014

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A New Look for (WTLN) has been a go-to source for international trade documents and information for many years. Recently the interface was upgraded, providing a new look and clarifying the distinction between free content (available from, e.g., the WTO Dispute Settlement site) and WTLN’s value-added material.


WTLN’s strengths include its coverage of the WTO dispute settlement process. Along with the decisions by WTO Panels and the Appellate Body, WTLN provides its own Dispute Settlement Commentaries (DSCs), which provide an overview and summary of each decision. WTLN also provides DSCs for other decisions, including WTO arbitrations and NAFTA cases.

WTLN provides finding tools to locate both DSCs and the underlying documents. In the new interface, a PDF image of the selected document appears, embedded in the window; navigation tools include a zoom feature. WTLN also provides statistical tables and topical pages that pull together documents and decisions on major trade issues (e.g., anti-dumping).

WTLN links out to much free content, including WTO and GATT documents, and various free and subscription news sources, which help to make it a comprehensive tool for international trade researchers.

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Jul 30 2014

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Good Luck on the Bar!

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We are thinking of you and wish you the best of luck on the Bar.

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Jun 05 2014

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Global Arbitration Review… the “GAR” is here.

In addition to the new Oxford Legal Research Library mentioned earlier this week, the Library has just also added the Global Arbitration Review to its offerings covering international arbitration.

The GAR is a respected current awareness and news tool that provides daily updates if you subscribe using your BU e-mail address.  It also compiles an annual “GAR 100″ and “GAR 30″ report that ranks top international arbitration firms based on their proprietary formula.

This is a screen shot of the sign-in page highlighting the multiple types of information available to researchers:

GAR 2One important subscription limitation to note is the fact that our subscription only allows for viewing and downloading of current materials. Archived items may only be viewed and may not be saved or downloaded.


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May 30 2014

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New International Commercial Law resources just added.

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The Oxford Legal History Library has just been added to the Library’s extensive electronic database collection. This addition augments our selections covering the dynamic area of International Commercial law and International Commercial Arbitration. As a highly respected publisher in legal materials, this Oxford material will provide access to relevant and timely authoritative commentary and insights into this important area of legal scholarship. View these new libraries HERE.

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May 06 2014

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Summer RA Orientation

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Libri_books2Summer RA orientation will be on May 20th, 2014 at 11am in Barristers Hall.  The orientation will be available to view remotely.  At the orientation we will tell you about the services available to you through the library.  We will also feed you pizza.  So come, meet the librarians, eat and mingle.  Whether or not you can come to the orientation if you are working for a professor this summer please register here.

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May 01 2014

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Law Day – Celebrating the Rule of Law

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We all know that laws can be odd or wacky, but most of us take the rule of law for granted.  Law Day celebrates the rule of law and its contributions to creating a free society.  Law Day began in 1957 with then American Bar Association (ABA) President Charles S. Rhyne.  It was eventually proclaimed by President Eisenhower.  Library of Congress has a nice research guide for the legal background of Law Day.

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