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Nov 10 2014

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Join us on our Social Media and be entered to win a Final Exam Preparation Basket.

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As finals approach the Law Library is running a raffle for all students who like or follow us on Facebook, follow our tweets at Twitter and/or visit our blog (and send a note to Steven at telling him what you learned there) from today, November 10th through November 18th.

The raffle basket includes Final Exam “Must-Haves” including:

  • A loaded Starbucks card to help keep your energy levels up.
  • A gift certificate for a study-aid to be ordered through the Library ($40 value)
  • A gift card for a night at the movies
  • A reusable BU mug

Click on the image below to get entered and for more details:


(The winner will be contacted at the completion of the Raffle on or after 11/19/2014.)

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Nov 05 2014

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Fall Books

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Vulture has a nice post on some good reads for Fall, including new books by Richard Ford and Denis Johnson.


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Oct 31 2014

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Want more Candy? Join our Halloween Hunt.

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There are lots of interesting and bizarre laws on the books regarding Halloween.  Find some of these and get more familiar with our print collection.  To get your bag of candy you need to answer the questions and bring 5 slips (found in the books) to the reference desk.  Here are the questions:

1. Is Halloween a federal holiday?

2. Are you allowed to wear a mask in Louisiana the day before Halloween?

3. Can you recover if a stack of pumpkins falls on you?

4. If your house is haunted do you have to disclose this fact to a potential buyer in Massachusetts?

5. If you made your own chocolate for Halloween, in order to call it milk chocolate how much cocao powder would it need to contain?

Happy Halloween

Kürbis Fratze

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Oct 31 2014

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Happy Halloween!

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Pumpkin selfie.


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Oct 30 2014

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Staying Current with Twitter

Among the many ways to stay current with news and information, those available to BU Law students include: searching and receiving legal news updates from such premium sources as Bloomberg/BNA and Law 360; reading legal blogs, which you can access through a newsreader by subscribing to RSS feeds; and creating Alerts through Lexis, Westlaw and Google, among others.

Another current awareness tool–and a great one for up-to-the-minute topical information–is Twitter. A few of the ways you can use Twitter:

Like other tools, Twitter can contribute to a sense of overwhelm, being inundated with too much information. That’s a good reason for being selective, setting time limits and letting go of what is no longer helpful.

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Oct 22 2014

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Boston Book Festival

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The Boston Book Festival is an annual October highlight, centered in Copley Square. This year’s festival is scheduled October 23-25, with most events this Saturday.

Featured speakers include Doris Kearns Goodwin, Benjamin Barber, Daniel Dennett and numerous others. A few highlights: a panel of authors on the promise and peril of technology, a program on Boston stories, and a conversation with novelists Meg Wolitzer and Claire Mesud. See the full schedule HERE.

There is also a street fair (with dozens of exhibitors) on Saturday in Copley Square. Directions, parking information and a map are available here.

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Oct 22 2014

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SCOTUS Arguments, with Dogs

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The great John Oliver offers up one of the funniest SCOTUS-related sketches I’ve ever seen. He takes audio of Supreme Court arguments and plays it over footage … of dogs, dressed up like the Justices.  You really need to take a look.

h/t to Above the Law.

UPDATE:  Oliver posted his footage on YouTube for others to use in regard to different SCOTUS arguments.  It didn’t take long for the Internet to take up the challenge.

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Oct 15 2014

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Cornell Legal Information Institute

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The law library enjoys providing its community of users with access to open source or free legal resources.  In that vein, the Legal Information Institute @ Cornell Law School ( is a terrific source of reliable and free primary legal materials.  The main areas of information provided include:

  • Constitutions and Codes
  • Court Opinions
  • Law by Source or Jurisdiction
  • Introduction to Basic Legal Citation
  • LII Topical Libraries

Take a look!

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Oct 08 2014

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Where to Go, What to Do in Boston

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If you’re new to the area, you may not know all the great neighborhoods that are easily accessible from campus. BU Today recently ran a great piece on things to do in Coolidge Corner, just a short ride on the Green/C Line or a 15-20 minute walk from the law school. Take in a movie at the Coolidge Theater, shop, have a meal or explore the neighborhood on your own.

Previously, BU Today has highlighted Central Square, Harvard Square, Chinatown, Davis Square, Jamaica Plain and other neighborhoods. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, these guides are a good place to start.

Other places to look:’s Events calendar; The Improper Bostonian (and see the extensive listings in the print edition, distributed throughout the area); The Boston Calendar; and the City of Boston’s City Calendar; to name a few.

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Sep 18 2014

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Harvard Law School Exams

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What an interesting thing to do!  Harvard Law School has posted all of the law school exams given at Harvard from 1871 to 1998.

Here are the first 10 questions from an 1871 exam in Real Property.

Thanks to the Volokh Conspiracy for the link.

Examination, 1871.

I. What is real as distinguished from personal property? and what are sometimes one and at times the other? What is meant by estate as applied to land? What are the different kinds of estate ? Give examples of each.

II. From what source is the law of Real Property derived? Can a freehold, except as a remainder, be created in futuro? If not for what reason ?

III. What is an estate in Fee Simple? What word is essential to create such an estate at common law ? What are the incidents of such estate?

IV. What is meant by leases? and to what estates are they usually applied? Were leasehold estates known to and in use under the Feudal law? What is the usual form of leases? by what name are the parties to them called? and what do they usually provide for and contain?

V. How are covenants distinguished from conditions in leases, and what are the purposes of each? What is a lessor’s remedy for breach of covenant if there be no condition in the lease ? What is the form of his remedy if there be a condition?

VI. What is an estate at will? How distinguished from estates from, year to year, and what are such estates? How may they be determined, and when determined what do they become?

VII. Define a tenancy in severalty, a joint tenancy, and a tenancy in common. What are the incidents of joint tenancies and tenancies in common? How may they be severed by act of the parties or by act of law?

VIII. What are the nature and incidents of an estate belonging to a husband and wife? What are the rights of a surviving copartner in the lands held by tbe partnership for partnership purposes? Ist, if there are no creditors ; 2d, if needed for payment of partnership creditors?

IX. To what estates may conditions be annexed, in creating them? and by what words may this be done? What is the effect of a condition subsequent upon the descendible or alienable qualities of the estate? How ere conditions enforced, and by whom? When will equity relieve against forfeiture for breach of condition at common law?

X. What is a mortgage of lands, and how may it be created? What are the rights of the mortgagor and mortgagee in respect to the land, at law, after a breach of the conditions? What, after such breach, are the rights, in equity, of the mortgagor? What is such right called? and in what court is his remedy under the same?

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