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Mar 16 2014

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Cost-effective legal research joint training coming up! Register now to hold your place.


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Feb 07 2014

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Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westlaw Training coming soon!

With the Spring semester well and truly in full -swing, it is time to get your research skills in top gear and get certified.  (Employers want to know that you have these skills from day one.)

In addition to the Library’s Research Skills for Practice Certification program already underway—click here for full details and to enroll— our three full-service subscription vendors, Bloomberg BNA, Lexis Nexis and Westlaw all  provide certification on their platforms and additional training for all skill levels.

Don’t delay! Get started now.

Visit your BUSL  lawschool pages at:


Lexis Nexis:


Look for the training links to register.



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Apr 28 2013

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Important information about Summer access to research databases and materials.

Guess what? Summer is literally just weeks away!  

Shortly your final exams and papers will be a distant memory as you begin your summer jobs and clerkships. Starting in May, however, several of our subscription-based  legal research resources restrict student access over the summer, to help avoid the use of nonprofit educational passwords at paid summer employment. However, each service treats summer access a bit differently, and there may be further variations for continuing vs. graduating students. Here’s your guide to summer database access:

  • Bloomberg Law accounts are valid between school terms and for 6 months after you graduate. Your BUSL Bloomberg account may be used for both academic and employment-related purposes, including full access to federal court filings . If you do not already have a Bloomberg Law account, you may Request A Law School Account with your BU email address.
  • LexisNexis this year will provide unlimited access this summer to Lexis Advance, its next-generation research interface.In June, Lexis will be moving entirely to Lexis Advance.   That means that all current law school  home page ( ID’s will no longer work.  If you currently have a working Lexis Advance ID and password ( then you are all set and need to nothing.  If you use your old ID only, you need to ensure that you are registered with your Advance ID.  Please contact,, to obtain that ID.  You will be able to access, and the law school home page with your Advance ID only.   The interface will be available for academic (non-commercial) use only until July. 2013 graduates will have full access to Lexis Advance through July 31; continuing students will have unlimited access until August 31.
  • Westlaw offers extensions of your Law School password for academic work, including: summer classes, journal work, projects for faculty, moot court, unpaid/non-profit public interest internships or externships, or a pro bono project that is required for graduation. Commercial use of your Law School password (such as at a law firm summer job) is strictly prohibited. May graduates can also extend their Westlaw passwords to obtain 10 free hours of research time for bar exam study. If you qualify for a summer extension of your Westlaw password, log in to the extension page and follow the instructions.
  • Other Law Library Databases: Access to Boston University databases for continuing students is available over the summer with your BU username and password. Recent graduates will find that their off-campus, password-based access to other subscription databases (such as HeinOnline and LegalTrac) expires very quickly after graduation. Alumni may access many University and Law School subscription databases on-site via the reading room computer terminals.
  • Click HERE for more information.

For more information about access to library resources for the graduating class of 2013, bookmark our guide to Law Alumni Services.

Summer hours for the Pappas Law Library following graduation begin May 20th and will be from 9-5 Monday through Friday.

Wishing you a restful and productive Summer!

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Apr 16 2013

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Update: Westlaw Lunch & Learn Cancelled

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The event mentioned in my last post has been cancelled.  If you have questions about how firms are using Westlaw, please reach out to Mark Jackson through the Westlaw home page.

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Apr 16 2013

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Learn How Westlaw’s Used in the Firms!

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Our Westlaw Rep, Mark Jackson, is having a lunch and learn this Thursday, April 18th at 1PM in Room 520.  Come hear from a firm rep about the use of Westlaw by legal employers.

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Mar 27 2013

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Power Searching Certification Class

(medical or medicinal) /s marijuana /s states

What will this search turn up?  Why would you want to use this search string instead of simply typing in your terms?  Learn the answers to these questions and more at the Power Searching Certification Class.  This class will be offered Tuesday (4/2), Thursday (4/4), and Friday (4/5) from 1-2 PM in Room 334.  Questions? Email me at

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Mar 14 2013

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Westlaw training coming your way…..

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Our Westlaw representative, Mark Jackson, will be providing training soon here at BUSL.

Several classes are being offered:  WestlawNext Certification, Cost-effective Research on WestlawNext, Transactional materials and Research, Litigation Practice materials,  as well as several state-specific (MA, CA and NY) training classes

To see the various dates available, click on this link:

and be sure to Register for the classes you intend on taking on your Westlaw Law School homepage !




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Dec 08 2012

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Statutes at Large on WestlawNext

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WestlawNext recently added the Statutes at Large.  They can be located in the Tools and Resources box under the United States Code Annotated (see below).  Using this link will open a template that will allow you to search for not only keywords, but also by Public Law or Statutes at Large citations.  Hat tip to Barco Law Library.

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Sep 30 2012

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Upcoming Bloomberg Law, Westlaw and Lexis vendor training sessions

Here are the dates for upcoming vendor training sessions on their respective platforms:

Lexis: Click here

Westlaw: Click here

Bloomberg Law:

American LLM Training:

October 10: 2-3 in room 820

October 12 11-12 room 1420

JD Training:

Oct. 23 1-2 room 1420

Oct. 24 330-430 room 820

Oct. 25 1-2 room 1420

RSVP to Eric Malinowski

or, register with a Bloomberg Law student representative at the Bloomberg Law table on Thursday’s from 10-2 in the Law Lobby.




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Sep 26 2012

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Think you know what legislative history is? Two preeminent legal minds have a very public feud on the issue!

It is not everyday that a US Supreme Court Justice engages in a public tit for tat with a respected legal theorist and judge in the popular media. What pressing controversy you might ask yourself could lead to such aberrant and unlikely behavior? Nothing less than the meaning of “legislative history.”

As law students you may well think that you have developed an above average understanding of this intricate and at times highly confusing research task—or you may realize that you know next to nothing about this subject in which case the Law Library has Certification classes in the Spring you should consider taking (schedule is still pending)—but it is highly unlikely that you have yet to manifest the passion on the subject that these two evidence in the series of volleys linked below.

Which of the two convinces you with their arguments?

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