Cases to Watch in 2013 SCOTUS Term

The U.S. Supreme Court heard the first oral arguments of the 2013 Term on Monday. The Court’s home page provides an argument calendar for the month; by clicking on the date, researchers can quickly access docket information on the cases argued or to be argued that day.

Among the cases that have emerged as leading cases to watch in this Term is McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, a case involving limitations on campaign finance contributions, that was argued on Tuesday. For commentary and analysis on this and other leading cases, consider:

SCOTUSBlog, perhaps the single best source for monitoring the Court, summarizes and provides background information on, and available briefs filed in, the cases scheduled for oral argument here.

Among other sources that may be helpful for monitoring developments and cases at SCOTUS, see Oyez, the ABA’s Preview Briefs and blogs such as The Volokh Conspiracy.

For more complete information on sources for current awareness and news, check out Steven’s research guide.