Want to know how Apple does is?

The cross border nature of business has only increased over the last decades and so has the problem of cross border taxation.  We only have to look Apple’s recent appearance before a congressional committee to know that this is an area of the law that is not going away.  The library has recently added Tax Analysts’ publications that deal with international tax: Tax Notes International, Worldwide Tax Daily and Worldwide Tax Treaties.  Tax Analysts is the most respected and well-known commercial publisher of tax news and scholarship.  Tax Notes International is a weekly summary of developments, analysis and opinion with regard to cross-border taxation, both U.S. policy and the policies of other governments.  World Wide Tax Daily is watching the foreign developments and includes primary source materials that have been collected from many countries.  News stories generally provide the supporting legal documents.  And World Wide Tax Treaties includes not just U.S. double taxation agreements but also those between foreign governments – something that is not available from any other tax treaty database.