May 02 2013

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White Noise

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Studying for law school finals isn’t fun under the best of circumstances, but when it’s sunny and 70 out, sitting in the reading room, listening to the constant clickety-clack of your classmates typing their outlines or the construction going on outside, it can feel interminable. If the free earplugs at the Circ desk aren’t doing it for you, try White Noise Lite.

White Noise

White Noise Lite is a free app, with 15 white noise sounds on a loop (10 come with the app, and an another 5 can be donloaded from their website) to help you block out all those distractions and focus on your Corporations reading.   Download it at the iTunes App Store for iOS devices, or Google Play for Android. There’s also a version available for your Mac laptop.


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