Happy Opening Day!

Even if, like me, you live in a sports-free cave, you’ve probably noticed there are lots of people walking around today wearing Red Sox apparel.   The Red Sox play the Baltimore Orioles this afternoon for their first game of the season.

Of course, the Red Sox and the law intersect in many different areas: You can find cases addressing employment disputes, sales of interest in the team, and even the civil rights of individuals who attempt to sell tickets outside of Fenway.  Law review articles focusing on the Red Sox are not as common, but there is an interesting Note discussing the limited taking of part of Yawkey Way: Brian Mahler, Kick Me Out of the Ballgame: The Boston Red Sox, The BRA, and the Taking of Yawkey Way, 42 New Eng. L. Rev. 549 (2008).

If you’re stuck in the reading room wishing you were at Fenway, you can keep tabs on all of the Opening Day excitement through the Globe’s live blog.