It’s Peeptacular!


It’s that time of year again–the ABA’s 5th Annual Peeps in Law Contest is now open for voting.

Check them out and vote for your favorite legally-themed Peep diorama:

  • Citizens United vs. FEC
  • Motion in Lemonade
  • Oh the Peepanity!
  • Our Ship Has Come In…Again
  • Peepemptory Challenges
  • Peep-otus Taking the Oath

This may be only the 5th Annual Peeps in Law Contest, but Peeps themselves have been around for 60 years. Read the Resolution from the Pennsylvania Senate, recognizing the 60th anniversary of Peeps, and highlighting key events in Peep history.

Legal sweet tooth not satisfied? Read about actual Peeps in law, where a Boulder woman claims she was wrongfully evicted after she and her landlord got into a dispute over an Easter-themed Peeps diorama she had stuck to her apartment door, and she stopped paying rent in protest.