There’s an App for That . . . Except When You’re Off Campus

You may have discovered that there are apps you can use to access content from some of our amazing subscription databases, such as BNA.  However, once you leave campus, your IP address is no longer recognized by the service as from BU, and it wants a username and password to access articles.  What’s the workaround?  Use the BU VPN on your phone.  That way, the service sees a BU IP address just like it does when you’re physically on campus.

To use the VPN, you first have to download the client (we use Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client) from iTunes (iOS) or Google Play (Android).  To run the client and establish a VPN connection, follow the instructions for your device on this page.  You will need to initiate a VPN connection each time you want to use the app off campus.  If you have any questions about setting up the VPN, please see a reference librarian.