Earn a Certificate in Research Skills for Practice

The Certificate in Research Skills for Practice program provides training in the legal research skills most useful for new lawyers. Register for classes here. Did you know:

  • 45% of a new associate’s time is spent doing research
  • 70% of new legal researchers need help using print and online resources together
  • Research showed that new associates could not:
    – Effectively and efficiently use print legal research materials
    – Perform legislative histories
    – Proficiently use an index or table of contents
    – Understand key sources for specific practice areas. [Source]

Cost-effective and efficient research is more important now than ever. Improve your skills by attending practical, hands-on research classes tailored to the realities of today’s legal landscape. Every class emphasizes resources and skills outside of Lexis and Westlaw and you choose the classes that fit your future practice needs.

Classes are taught by experienced legal information librarians, who have law degrees as well as library degrees. Each class will be 1 hour and will have a brief assignment which you will need to return to your instructor. To obtain a certificate you must complete at least 6 of the 16 offered classes.