EU Law Research Certification Class

What is the difference between a Directive and a Regulation.  Where can you find national implementing legislation.  What does the Commission do?  Learn the answer to all these and more at this week’s EU Law Research class in the Library Certification Program.

European Union Law
Instructor: Stefanie Weigmann •
Feb. 5 & 7 @ 1pm in Rm 334



Featured Database: BNA/Bloomberg Internet Law Resource Center

BNA’s Internet Law Resource Center is where many existing areas of law (criminal law, taxation, jurisdiction, intellectual property, First Amendment, and communications) are challenged to define rights and responsibilities in a “new” frontier.  Whether you equate cyberlaw with the “Law of the Horse,” like Judge Easterbrook, or think there’s something more like Professor Lessig, there are great materials here for you.  The Internet Law Resource Center provides access to cases, current awareness publications, and analysis from practitioners who specialize in Internet Law.  So the next time you need to research how the law has moved forward in the Internet Age, be sure to check out this resource.


Earn a Certificate in Research Skills for Practice

The Certificate in Research Skills for Practice program provides training in the legal research skills most useful for new lawyers. Register for classes here. Did you know:

  • 45% of a new associate’s time is spent doing research
  • 70% of new legal researchers need help using print and online resources together
  • Research showed that new associates could not:
    – Effectively and efficiently use print legal research materials
    – Perform legislative histories
    – Proficiently use an index or table of contents
    – Understand key sources for specific practice areas. [Source]

Cost-effective and efficient research is more important now than ever. Improve your skills by attending practical, hands-on research classes tailored to the realities of today’s legal landscape. Every class emphasizes resources and skills outside of Lexis and Westlaw and you choose the classes that fit your future practice needs.

Classes are taught by experienced legal information librarians, who have law degrees as well as library degrees. Each class will be 1 hour and will have a brief assignment which you will need to return to your instructor. To obtain a certificate you must complete at least 6 of the 16 offered classes.




The Boy Scouts, Discrimination and the Law

NBC News reported today that the national board of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is moving toward changing its policy banning openly gay scouts and scout leaders. Long controversial, the BSA policy was the subject of court battles until the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the BSA’s right to maintain its policy on First Amendment expressive association grounds. See Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, 530 U.S. 640 (2000).

Nationally, the BSA reaffirmed its policy last July. Since then, local BSA chapters have challenged the national policy, and corporate donors have pulled their funding, citing conflicts with nondiscrimination policies.

In a press release dated Jan. 28, BSA acknowledged that it “is discussing potentially removing the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation.”


Skills for Success Panel

Come enjoy lunch with us tomorrow and hear from BUSL graduates what new summer associates, attorneys, and interns are expected to know about legal research and the skills your employers will expect you to possess on day one. Don’t miss this lively and informative panel, relevant whether you are going to a firm, an internship, the government, or a small practice!

Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013

Pizza: 12:45 PM

Panel: 1:00-2:15 PM

Room 1420




Super Bowl Law

One of the things you realize not long after starting law school is that the law is ubiquitous; you can’t escape it even when you’re taking a break from studying to watch the Super Bowl.  Whether it’s FCC violations for wardrobe malfunctions, player and ref lockouts, or multi-million dollar contracts to broadcast the game, law plays an important part in the business of football.  This year, local rules prohibiting the posting of unauthorized signs and banners in New Orleans during Super Bowl week were the subject of litigation.  The ABA Journal reports that a federal judge has scaled back the size of the “clean zone,” so that noncommercial speech will be allowed in a larger portion of New Orleans during the game.


Keeping Up with the Marriage Cases at SCOTUS

In speaking on equality in his second inaugural address on Monday, President Obama alluded to the marriage cases pending before the Supreme Court.

There are two separate cases, Windsor (on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA) and Perry (on California’s Proposition 8). Both cases are scheduled for oral argument on March 27.

The Court’s docket provides information on filings and developments in the two cases here and here. On Tuesday, former Solicitor General Paul Clement, who represents the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG)  in its defense of DOMA, filed a brief on the merits (read it here). Also on Tuesday, the Petitioners in Perry filed their merits brief in defense of Proposition 8.

In addition to its extensive news and analysis, SCOTUSblog provides access to many of the briefs filed in these cases (here and here) in its Merits Cases section. There is no better place to stay current on news and developments related to these cases and others pending at the Supreme Court.