And Duties As Assigned

When you think about the day-to-day duties of a lawyer, what comes to mind?  You expect to meet with clients, research, write, negotiate with opposing counsel, and maybe go to court, but there may be some additional tasks you haven’t thought of.  How do clients know about you so that they can come meet with you?  Of course, some firms have in-your-face TV ads, but one way to attract sophisticated clients is demonstrating your expertise in a law firm blog.  Many firms have blogs, either one for the entire firm, or a blog for each practice area.  Attorneys are often expected to write a post each week, discussing a new development in their field or commenting on a major legal news story.  Here’s an example from my friend, Colin, on the politicization of judicial retention votes in Indiana.

You might have noticed that this kind of blog post is more formal than those associated with hobbies.  It cites sources in addition to linking to other commentators.  However, you want potential clients to understand your message, so you want to adopt a personal, readable style.  For more tips on writing a legal blog, check out Stop Writing Boring Legal Blog Posts and Tips for Writing a Successful Legal Blog.  Want to see some of the best legal blogs?  Check out the ABA Blawg 100.

The final thing you might be wondering is how you’re going to come up with topics to write about on a weekly basis.  Current awareness resources, like BNA and Law 360, can come in handy here.  The Finding News & Keeping Current as a Lawyer research guide includes additional links to resources useful for topic inspiration.  You probably will not take a class where you learn to write these kinds of marketing materials, but resources you’ve learned about in other contexts will help you write impressive posts!