Entrepreneurial Opportunities to Make a Difference in the Law

Occassionally, I will speak with students who acknowledge that deep down, they’re not sure they really enjoy traditional legal work.  There is nothing wrong with feeling this way.  In fact, the authors of The Happy Lawyer (which I’m currently reading and will post about once I finish) acknowledge that many individuals who start their careers in Big Law are not excited about going to work to do document review on behalf of a wealthy corporation.

Many of you came here with a desire to solve problems and make a difference.  You may normally associate those results with public defenders and non-profit organizations, but there are other options as well.  The Innovating Justice Forum (This page may take a minute or two to load) is a place where individuals can describe legal-related challenges that need to be solved.  If you look at the challenges list, many require intelligent individuals to create effective policies, but some, like the delivery of legal information, could be carried out by a for-profit group.  I hope you find the challenges list inspiring, and that it can serve as a reminder that there are many opportunities to apply your legal knowledge in fulfilling ways.  Hat tip to Marlene Coir at the Cooley Law Library.